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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can schedule a surgery?

Surgery can only be scheduled by the Family Veterinarian.  This is important to ensure that both the MVSS staff and Family Veterinary staff are available together to provide exclusive care for the pet's anesthesia, surgery, and recovery

How to schedule surgery?

Just contact Dr. Jen Hoch by phone, text, or email. It's as simple as that. 

Are there are pre-requisites for surgery?

Yes, but it can vary based upon the pet's problem, overall health and surgery required. Minimally, pre-anesthetic bloodwork is always recommended. Other tests may be recommended and determined during the consultation.

Who does the recheck evaluations?

Rechecks are typically done by the Family Veterinarian, but don't worry- Dr. Hoch will provide guidance in case monitoring. Additionally, she is happy to perform rechecks when she is in your office. Pictures, videos, and radiographs can always be emailed for help and advice, as well.

My patient needs a surgery not listed on the website. Can Dr. Hoch still do it?

Just ask! The list is for the most commonly performed surgeries, but other surgeries may be possible. 

What is the cost of surgery?

Again, just ask! Prices can vary based upon the procedure and specifics of the patient and case. However, the overall cost is expected to be lower than a tertiary care facility (University or 24 hour referral facility). You can request a surgical estimate by phone, text or email. There are estimate forms available to provide concise detailed information available on the "DVM section".

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